Full set gel polish(hands)                          £20

Gel polish on Toes                                        £20

Full set acrylics                                              £25

Full set sculpted acrylics                           £35

Acrylic infills                                                    £20

Toe Nail reconstruction per nail             £5

Soak off                                                             £10

Full set acrylic plus gel polish                  £30

Acrylic infills plus gel polish                     £25

Nail art from                                                      £1

Crystals, gems and 3d art from                 £1

Manicures with nail polish                       £20

or upgrade to gel polish                            £30

Pedicure with nail polish                          £20

or upgrade to gel polish                            £30


Ladies Cuts                                                        £20

Hair Colouring Consultation                      £10  

(deducted from service)

Colouring from                                                £30

Root colour

Root smudge 

Full head Colour

Hair Stripping 

Ombre / Balayage



All colouring services require consultation, patch test and strand test.

Chemical Straightening from                   £40

Bridal/Special Occasion Hair Styling    £25

Hair Extensions

I provide a massive range of hair extensions with 9 different application methods:

* Clip ins tailor made (temp reusable)

* Temp Glue (short term reusable)

* Micro Ring Wefts (short term reusable)

* Micro Bond Wefts (short term reusable)

* Tape Ins (medium term wear and reusable)

More long term wearability, can be reusable sometimes:

* Keratin Bonds

* Micro Rings

* Micro Loops

* Nano Rings

Lengths Available 12-24 inches

Strand Weights Available 0.5g 0.8g 1g

Hair Extensions Consultation                     £10

deducted from service 


RAPUNZELS (indian)

Standard full head is 150 strands, These are available in keratin bonds, microrings, and nano rings. These prices are base shades only. Ombre, balayage, highlights, root stretch and vibrant colours may differ in price.

Length 0.5g 1g

16 inch £160 £225

18 inch £170 £235

20inch £180 £245


Standard full head is 150 strands, These are available in keratin bonds, microrings, and nano rings. These prices are base shades only. Ombre, balayage, highlights, root stretch and vibrant colours may differ in price.

Length 0.5g 1g

16 inch £240 £340

18 inch £250 £350

20 inch £260 £360

22 inch £270 £370

ADDITIONAL LENGTHS (russian and mongolian)

Standard full head is 150 strands, These are available in keratin bonds, microrings, and nano rings. These prices are base shades only. Ombre, balayage, highlights, root stretch and vibrant colours may differ in price.

Length 0.5g 0.8g

12 inch £280

16 inch £370

20 inch £400

24 inch £460


Length 125 strands 150 strands

12 inch £445 £495

16 inch £475 £555

18 inch £535 £615

20 inch £595 £695

Every client is offered a free consultation where I will tailor make the correct service requirements for you. Based on desires and suitability with choices to suit most high quality service budgets

Removal Service £50

I will only remove extensions provided and applied by Dolly's

Beauty Therapy

Basic facial                                                       £20

Target facials                                               £25-40

(Tell me your problem areas and I will tailor make a facial for you)

(See speciality facials in next menu also)

Lash tint                                                              £10

LVL lashes                                                          £35

Party lashes                                                      £20

Semi permanent eyelash extensions     £50

Semi permanent Russian lashes              £50

SP lash infill (2 weeks)                                   £20

Brow tint                                                             £5

Brow wax                                                            £5

Brow threading                                                £15

Brow building                                                   £30

(extensions for brows)

Spraytanning                                                    £25


Bodywraps                                                         £40

Bridal Makeup Service                  from      £25

(includes a variety of products including airbrush base, full contour, brows eyes lip and lashes)


Full Leg                                                             £22

1/2 Leg                                                              £17

Under Arm                                                       £12

Brow, Chin or Lip                                          £5

Bikini Line Only                                             £18

(No intimate waxing services available)

Back                                                                  £25

Massage 45 mins                                          £35

Aesthetic & Cosmetic / SPMU

Consultation/Patch Testing                          £10

(optional if you do not want treatment same day)

Brow micro blading                                         £135

Brow micro pigmentation(tattoo)            £145

Eyeliner top or bottom                                  £149

Eyeliner top and bottom                              £199

Lipliner                                                                £175 

Lipliner with blush-blend                            £250

Lipliner and  full lip blush                            £350

(Lip services are a brilliant alternative to lip fillers)

Beauty spot                                                         £50

Scalp hair enhancement            (from)     £100

(for thinning patches  and alopecia)

Annual top up services from                       £50

Micro-Needling Facials  (CIT)                        £50

(this can be used as a botox alternative, fantastic results for anti aging, fine lines, scars, acnes, lightening skin, smoothing skin and open pores) Tailor made facials with a wide range of serums available. Micro needling is also known as collagen induction therapy) is a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate the skin. A device with fine needles creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin - These are also tailor made facials with a wide range of serums available)

CIT Derma-Lip Plumping                       £50

Needle-less filler (Hyapen)

1 ml         HA           £99

1ml      Aqufill         £125

1ml    Revolax       £149

Hair Growth Injections (no needle injection)

(Vitamin C)

1 ml treatment       £95

4 x 1 ml treatment (weekly) £350

Anti Cellulite Injections (no needle injection)

(Sodium Hyaluronate)

1 ml treatment £95

4 x 1 ml treatment (weekly) £350

Fat Dissolve (no needle injection)


!ml treatment £99

4 x 1 treatments (weekly) £350

Dermaplaning Facial                                      £50

Promotes smoother skin by removing all dead skin cells and peach fuzz/vellus hair on the face, this soft facial hair traps dirt and oil. Dermaplaning enhances the effectiveness of other skincare treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion or microneedling  by providing deeper product penetration.

Reduces recent acne scars. Reduces fine lines

DIAMOND DIVA FACIAL                  £70

(dermaplaning + microneedling + mild chem treatment+24K GOLD treatment)

LED Light Therapy Facials                         £50

Breast Enhance        

1 session                                                          £50 

Course  of 3                                                    £120

Course of 6                                                     £230

Course of 10                                                  £350

Course of 12                                                  £400

Brazilian Butt Lift 

1 session                                                         £50

Course of 3                                                    £120

Course of 6                                                    £230

Course of 10                                                 £350

Course of 12                                                 £400

The ULTIMATE Body slim experience 

2D Laser Lipo on 2 areas. EMS, Infrared and Ultrasonic technology. Sculpting and reshaping techniques with skin tightening suction followed by a full exfoliation, clay/mud body wrap, and skin soufflé. 

These are perfect a day or 2 before a special occasion or to have once a month whilst following a diet plan.                                £100

PLASMAPRO (aka fibroblast, only our machine and techniques are far less abrasive and harsh as some others on the market)

The best SKIN TIGHTENING & LIFTING available today without surgery.

Areas available: 

Eye lids 

(hooded eyelid reduction/removal) 

Under eye 

(tightening and smoothing)

Around lips 

(smokers lines) 

Nasal Labials

(Tighten and smoothe)

Around ears

(Pull tight to lift)


(smooth out lines)

Frown Lines

(smooth out and soften lines)

Crows Feet

(smooth and tighten laughter lines)

Around belly button 

(postpartum stretched skin)

We can also use techniques on various other body parts where there is loose skin.


(to give fuller effect of lips without filler)


(to change the appearance of nose)


(to tighten skin from aging or piercings)

1 area                                                 from   £99

Additional areas                          from    £50

Skin tag and mole removal    from    £50

Tattoo removal from                 from   £100

Larger areas may need to be charged as more than one area


Scalp Micro pigmentation from                 £100

Designed for hair thinning and hair receding areas. Free consultations available to design a treatment plan suitable for your needs.  This can be done for women in some cases too.

Gents male grooming available. Please see our other price menus for your desired service. We hope to expand out Gents services in the future.